Swiper—"Biggest I.D. Fraud...In U.S. History"—Was Immigrant Job: MSM Represses Fact
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Doing work Americans won't do: Swiper Arrestees (NY Post)


The NYPD had a triumph on Friday:


"A New York-based crime ring that used forged credit cards  to mainly buy and resell Apple products overseas has been busted, police said on Friday in what was described as the largest identity fraud case in U.S. history A total of 111 people from five criminal enterprises operating out of Queens, New York were indicted with identity theft, forgery, robbery and other crimes as part of a two-year investigation dubbed "Operation Swiper," police said. They said crime bosses received blank credit cards from suppliers in Russia, Libya, Lebanon and China and hired "skimmers" to pose as retail workers who used electronic devices to steal the credit card data from customers. Police said "crew leaders" oversaw the illicit nationwide shopping and that the goods purchased were mostly resold to customers overseas… Detectives spent hours translating conversations in Russian, Mandarin and Arabic as part of the probe..."

New York crime ring was sweet on Apple – police By Aman Ali Reuters Sat Oct 8, 2011


The facts seem to be that these were syndicates of immigrants, mainly non-white. The Hindustan Times reports 13 Indians among 111 charged in biggest US credit card fraud October 08 2011 while in an admirably full report NCN Guyana counts 9 apparently from Guyana’s small but enterprising Indian community:


"The indictments charge that Imran Khan, Ali Khweiss, Anthony Martin, Sanjay Deowsarran, and Amar Singh, all Guyanese, were the ‘bosses’ of criminal enterprises...Among others charged are Ravindra Singh, Amar Singh, Ravi Ramroop, and Kamal Sanasi (all Guyanese)..."

Guyanese among 111 busted for fraud in the U.S. -reputedly ‘the biggest’ such ring in US history Sunday, 09 October 2011. The webzine Gawker observed


"The thing that makes this case notable, besides its size, is the sheer diversity of the crooks involved. You know, the stereotypical ID theft ring is a bunch of Eastern European thugs, or Chinese hackers. But, judging from the names in the indictment, this ring involved Russians, Asians, South Asians, blacks, whites, latinos, Middle Easterners, Americans and foreigners alike."

This is not a surprise.  Randall Burns has written for us


"...immigrants play an extremely important role in the whole practice of credit card fraud. When I worked in this area over 10 years ago, most of the major credit card fraud rings were based in Asia or Africa."


Nor is it a surprise that the US MSM repressed the immigrant aspect almost completely. Many, working from wire service stories, left in just the tell-tale reference to the languages needed for the wire taps, but in the WSJ account 86 Arrested in ID Theft By Sean Gardiner October 8 2011 all reference to the international aspect is eliminated - except a mistaken suggestion that some victims were from the card-blank supplying countries.


Identity theft and credit card fraud are particularly vicious crimes even if not bloody: the victims can suffer for years from ruined credit, quite apart from any direct monetary loss. Increasing the population from certain countries inevitably means more of it.


But for the Wall Street Journal, a fact inconvenient to the Treason Lobby is not a fact.

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