Supermarket Sweep, The Looting Game Show, Is Back, Starring Leslie Jones!
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Looting is back:

So is Supermarket Sweep:

I’ve always found Leslie Jones funny, as long as they let her joke about her funniest topic—being a black giantess—which they didn’t in the Lady Ghostbusters movie.

Does anybody remember the grocery store looting TV game show that debuted after the Watts Riots of August 1965? You ran through the store loading your shopping cart for 90 seconds and the crew that grabbed the most dollar value of loot won.

Supermarket Sweep it was called. It premiered in December 1965.

It was pretty fascinating to us 7-year-olds. As I recall, the winning strategy was to go for the liquor aisle and load up on bottles, which didn’t much interest us 2nd graders. But a lot of people instead seemed to go for whatever they wanted and wasted a lot of time moving around in the store.

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