Sunday Talk Show Immigration Bill Black Out Continues
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Damascus: To MSM, the Middle East simply is more important than Flyoverland

With Congress returning next week (alas) and the Senate Judiciary Committee, headed by Open Borders fanatic Senator Leahy starting to consider amendments to the 2013 Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill on Thursday, this is the hot topic for this Sunday’s Talk shows, right?

Utterly, laughably  wrong. Although thanks to the heroic efforts of dedicated Patriots, at last some people other than Senator Schumer’s staff have an idea what is in this atrocity, no discussions at all are scheduled – just like last week and the week before

Leahy himself is appearing on Meet The Press but the subject is After Boston: Protecting The Homeland. As there is no one with him with proven patriotic credentials the obvious response is unlikely to be heard.

The only sign that immigration might get any mention at all is in the blurb for yet another interview with the ludicrously overexposed John McCain, this one on Fox News Sunday

He wants more aggressive U.S. action in Syria, he’s pushing back hard on critics of the “Gang of 8’s” immigration bill, and he says the administration has lost credibility on the Benghazi attacks

The show seems to be focused on Benghazi. Face The Nation is only interested in Syria.

In short, the MSM is continuing to give the Bill the Ron Paul/Presidential debate treatment. I see no opportunity allowed for a Patriot to say anything about it. Of the 25 people Politico’s Sunday talk show tip sheet says are appearing, only former Senator Jim DeMint on This Week has any significant Patriotic credentials – and he, sadly, must now be considered questionable.

Peasants Keep Out!

But we’re planning this lovely war in a new Middle Eastern destination for you…

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