Sunday Talk Shows Shut Out Immigration, Exclude Patriots
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Both together? What a treat!

Despite the second, and if the thuggish Senator Leahy gets his way, the last Senate hearing on the 2013 Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill taking place next week (and this being the first Sunday since the bill was actually published), the MSM has seized on the Boston/Chechnyan bombing excitement to completely eliminate any discussion of the legislation on the Sunday talk shows.

Last week “This Week” broke the embargo and allowed the heroic Senator Jeff Sessions a (very few) minutes. This week the Politico schedule indicates no immigration Patriot is being allowed at all.

This almost certainly means meaningful discussion of the important immigration dimension of the bombing will be avoided.

The fact is, this legislation is enormously more important to America than a minor and very rare bombing event: and preventing discussion is egregiousness on the scale of the Paul Foreign Policy Debate scandal.

CNN’s State of the Union favors us with two Gang of 8 members, Senators Schumer and Graham in a show billed as focused on national security. San Spade” comments

Will Chuckie Schumer be asked why he won't allow questions on his super secret, back room, payola based immigration and amnesty law?

Referring to The Daily Caller story ICE union head Chris Crane ejected from Gang of 8 press event by Neil Munro 04/18/2013

“The Ambush”  contributed

For a moment I thought Lindsey Graham might skip one weekend, but alas, the ugly little man appears again. Doesn't he have a family? Maybe they don't like looking at his mug either.

Repression – the Treason Lobby’s preferred argument.

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