Subservience To NeoCons Costing Romney White Blue Collar Women Vote
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Gold Star mothers grieve soldier sons - and turning against Romney?

Ronald Brownstein’s latest National Journal piece Polls: Voters Dividing Along Familiar Lines, With One Surprise August 8, 2012 has horrible news for Team Romney: subservience to the Neocons is costing them the Blue Collar Women vote.

Brownstein cites

...veteran Democratic pollster Geoff Garin, who is advising Priorities USA Action, a Super PAC supporting Obama…


 …what Garin calls "the demographic development of the summer": in every state except Florida, the polls show that a significant gender gap has opened among working-class whites, with Obama performing much better among white women without a college education than blue-collar white men.

…directionally, this pattern represents a big change from earlier this year when Quinnipiac's swing state polls generally showed a gender gap only among upscale whites, and Obama running almost as poorly among the working-class women as the men. "To me that's the most important development of the summer politically," Garin said. "For working class women, who really feel like every day is a struggle economically, they've just decided Romney is not going to look out for them at all."

I think Garin is wrong about the cause of this shift: nothing much has happened to change perceptions about Romney’s economic stance.

However, what is changing is comprehension of the extent of Romney’s bellicosity towards Iran and eagerness put Israel first, as I observed in The Definitive Word On Romney's Israel Grovel

America is not the UK, where, as Peter Brimelow has noted, the upper class has always led the nation in war, and willingly paid the price.

American Blue Collar women know, not least through a myriad of fresh examples in their own neighborhoods, that it is their sons, husbands and brothers whose blood will flow if Romney attacks Iran.

Romney is already liable to lose the Paul vote on foreign policy and religious conservatives for his cowardly cultural stance – but they are likely simply not to vote.

Women frightened for their loved ones, however, will vote – for Obama.

Sheldon Adelson and his friends are costing too much.

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