Strange Country, Norway, Where Politicians Favor Voters Getting Higher Wages And Don`t Worry About Oil Rotting In The Fields, Er, Ground
September 21, 2012, 05:15 AM
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Bloomberg business news reports, with some surprise:
Norway rejected pleas from the country’s oil industry to help contain wage growth that producers say is hampering competitiveness in western Europe’s largest crude exporter. 

A government-appointed commission on oilrigs and drilling concluded last month Norway must cut labor costs and ease regulations to ensure petroleum isn’t left in the ground.

And if Norway`s oil is left in the ground in 2012, it will quickly curdle and have to be thrown out. (Or is that milk I`m thinking of?)

So they must cut wages. I forget what the question is, but in the globalist press, cutting wages is always the answer.

Yet, a Norwegian politician appears to believe that Norwegian voters like it when he doesn`t crumple to oil companies`s demands:

“As a country and as a sector, we should never compete on security, health and environmental standards, or hourly wages for personnel,” Norway Oil Minister Ola Borten Moe, 36, said in a Sept. 11 interview. “We live in a country with real-wage increases. We have for many, many years, and I hope that continues.”