Still More Good News: Senate Hearings
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As regular VDARE.COM readers know, it is hard for me to contain my joy at the very favorable trend for us in the immigration wars.

Now, lo and behold, we are presented with yet another Senate miscalculation of staggering magnitude.

Arlen Specter, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has announced that the Senate will counter the scheduled roving House hearings by conducting similar meetings of its own.

Specter personally plans to hold a pro-S. 2611 session in Pennsylvania on July 5th.

Is there any way they can start sooner? The more S.2611, the Bush/Kennedy/McCain/Specter Amnesty and Guest Worker Acceleration program discussed in public forums, the better for us

I have family and friends in Pennsylvania; maybe I’ll fly in from California to participate in the “Specter Show.”

Here’s what Specter, to his deep disappointment, will find: that Eastern Quaker State residents would rather not import the immigration woes of neighboring New Jersey and New York.

And Western Pennsylvanians, where my son and his family live, are fully aware of illegal immigration’s ravages. They would like to keep their part of the state immigration-free.

Do not expect Pennsylvania residents to show up waving banners for amnesty and guest worker programs

Pennsylvanians have access to the Internet and listen to talk radio. They know the score. There is no Pennsylvania ground swell for mass immigration.

The obvious reality—except to the U. S. Senate—is that Americans don’t want another amnesty in any form or more guest workers, temporary or otherwise.

They are not fooled by insultingly transparent phrases like “earned citizenship” or “jobs Americans won’t do.”

And if Specter looks to round up ethnic identity lobbyists and various unemployed Hispanics to participate in his rally, he might want to pause to reflect on the giant egg laid by the Hispanic-organized May 1st “Great American Boycott

For a University of Pennsylvania Phi Beta Kappa and Yale Law School Review Editor, Specterjust isn’t very bright. What else can you conclude?

Here’s my prediction: Specter’s bravado aside, he will not hold a Pennsylvania pro-illegal alien meeting on July 5th or on any other day…unless, of course, he wants to look even more foolish than he already does.

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