State Broadcasters ABC, BBC, CBC, PBS, NPR—All Government Funded, All Disloyal
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There are a lot of government news networks in the world, and in the Anglosphere, the ABC, BBC and CBC (respectively the Australian, British, and Canadian Broadcasting networks) as well as America’s PBS and NPR all have various charters and arrangements that keep them at arm’s length from the government of the day. (This is also true, by the way, of, which Wikipedia calls a “brand of TV-Novosti, an autonomous non-profit organization founded by the Russian state-owned news agency RIA Novosti in April 2005.”)

And that quasi-autonomy is why the various government broadcasters have gone completely mental at being labelled “government funded” on Twitter.

The BBC protested that they weren’t tax-funded, but funded by the “British public” by means of the Orwellian license fee system which requires every home with a TV to pay up annually.

The latest victim of Twitter labelling is Canada’s CBC:

The obvious point is that what they’re saying is “We’re not controlled by our government.” And that’s true—sometimes the government is conservative, in which case all of the government-funded alphabet soup broadcasters are 100 percent disloyal to say, Trump, or Canada’s Stephen Harper, or  Australian PM John Howard.

When the head of government is a leftist—Biden, Trudeau, or whoever, they will fawn, whine, and do whatever they can to support him, cover up his sins, crimes, and failings… and help him get reelected.

They’re not part of their government, they’re part of the Deep State of whatever country they're in.

And they're all disloyal to the Historic Australian, British, Canadian, or Australian nations.


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