An Australian Reader Reports Australia's State Broadcaster Burying The African Gang Stabbing In The 17th Paragraph
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Re: Steve Sailer's Reading the NEW YORK TIMES Upside Down—In Paragraph 12, The Hate Criminal Is A Muslim

From: Phil Shannon [Email him]

Well, this must be close to the record for the "not reporting race" game of "how many paragraphs does it take for the woke press to get around to mentioning the race of the perps in black crime."

The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation—the state-owned and woke-as-all-hell national broadcaster) reports that a 25-year-old Victorian “man” was stabbed and stomped to death in Adelaide at 2 a.m. April 25, after fleeing a knife-fight between “rival groups.” 

A 17-year-old “boy” was charged with his murder after being arrested along with three other “males” who were charged with aggravated affray and discovered to be in possession of knives and a machete.  The murder was the climax of several “people” arriving in Adelaide from interstate [Police investigate suspects seen chasing stabbing murder victim in Adelaide CBD, April 26, 2022].

It goes on in this vein for a total of 17 paragraphs (439 words) before we learn—in a direct quote from a police officer—that all those involved were “African males” from another Australia state who had connected up with “local gang members”.

Seventeen paragraphs.  In July 2021, the ABC had clocked up 15 paragraphs before getting around to the race bit about another African gang stabbing in Adelaide.

Other news outlets followed suit with generic references to “teens” and “violent people” (17 of whom were also arrested).

It is a real art form in Australia’s “most trusted” news media (that’s their self-description) to bury the information they don’t want you to know toward the end—like the disproportionately high African gang crime rate attendant on mass black immigration to a white country like Australia.

If anyone is keeping score, I think this must be an antipodean contender for winner of the “not reporting race” contest when it comes to black crime.

Phil Shannon is a veteran working class socialist and latter-day supporter. See earlier letters from him here.


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