BBC: "Monty Python" Was Too White and Educated for Today's BBC
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Due to a lack of vibrant diversity, the popular culture of 1960s Britain was notoriously unimaginative, hidebound, and without appeal to the rest of the world. British 1960s music, fashion, movies, and comedy were white maleish and thus boring and have been forgotten. From The Times of London:

Too white and Oxbridge: BBC would shun Monty Python and Goodies today

Matthew Moore, Media Correspondent

June 19 2018, 5:00pm

Shows like Monty Python that feature “six Oxbridge white blokes” would not be commissioned by the BBC today, the corporation’s head of comedy has admitted. …

Viewers had heard enough about the “metropolitan, educated experience” and crave sketch shows and sitcoms with a “sense of place”, claimed Shane Allen, controller of BBC comedy.

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