SPLC's Mark Potok Gets Some Megablogger Attention
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Instapundit points to this item by Confederate Yankee:

Source of All Reports that Radical Hate Groups Are Forming on the Right is ONE GUY......who is a radical left wing former journalist and Huffington Post blogger, at that.

Mark Potok has made quite the career for himself at the Southern Poverty Law Center finding right-wing hate behind every tree to ensure that donations to his non-profit keep rolling in. But as Sweetness & Light note in the link above, Potok bases his claims that right wing hate groups are exploding by his claims of online growth, even as web traffic to the web sites of hate groups remain remarkably constant and in some cases has regressed.

The truly pathetic thing about Potok is that "news" organizations know very well that Potok is a former journalist with an ideological axe to grind.

Neither of these guys has been part of the "targeted by the SPLC" demographic until recently, (except in the, er, demographic sense) but now that there's a black President, it turns out that dissent is no longer patriotic, it's racist.

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