Southwest Border Crossing Numbers: 204,561 In May, 1,468,709 in FY 2023—And Possibly SEVENTEEN MILLION Illegals In U.S.
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CBP released the latest number on Southwest Land Border Encounters [Southwest Land Border Encounters (By Component)].

The May total was 204,561, down slightly from April 211,159, and up significantly from January and February, when even on the Southern Border, it’s winter and gets quite cold in the desert. (See my Border Numbers For February Leveling Off, Decline Still Phony (Watch This Space!) in March of this year.)

And it would surprising if it weren’t lower than the December numbers, when, as I reported here ”Biden Posted The Worst Border Crossing/Invasion Month EVER.”

The total for the last fiscal year, added up by me, is 1,468,709.

That is somewhere between the population of San Diego, California (1.4 million) and San Antonio, Texas (1.5 million), just in the last Fiscal Year under Biden.

It doesn’t, as far as I know, count the illegals Biden is allowing in deliberately, by appointment, as pseudo-refugees.

But it does help explain why the current estimate of the illegal alien population is now 17 million:




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