Son of Allah Wins a Round against the West in Sweden
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Here's another example of how when women's rights are in conflict with diversity (specifically Muslim immigration), women lose most of the time. Western Civilization can have women's equality or Muslim immigration, but not both.

In 2004, an imam famously refused to shake the hand of Dutch Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk because of his religion. The incident focused Europe's attention on the cultural misogyny of Muslim immigrants. Now, several years later, the movement of society is retrograde, at least in Sweden.

Muslim man wins handshake case in Sweden, AP, February 8, 2010

Sweden's unemployment agency has been found guilty of discrimination for expelling a Muslim man from a job training program because he refused to shake hands with a woman.

A Stockholm court Monday ordered the Public Employment Service to pay 50,000 kronor ($6,700) in damages to an immigrant from Bosnia who lost his jobless benefits when he was kicked out of the program.

Citing his faith, the man had refused to shake hands with a woman when he was interviewing for an internship. The agency said his behavior was part of the reason he didn't get the position, and decided to exclude him from the program.

The court ruled that the man was discriminated against because of his religion. It wasn't immediately clear whether the ruling would be appealed.

Meanwhile in the British Isles, another assault on women's rights (not to mention traditional marriage) is underway: Muslim man demands right to bring second wife to Ireland. He was welcomed as a political asylee, but now wants his contract changed to conform to Islam.

A Muslim man has gone to the High Court in Ireland demanding that he be allowed bring in his second wife to Ireland.

The native of Lebanon, where polygamy is allowed, says his polygamous marriage must be recognized.

Liam Egan, a member of the Muslim Public Affairs Congress, told the Irish Sunday Times the man was being discriminated against unfairly. "It is draconian to treat this family differently," said Egan.

The cultural offensive by Islam against the West is relentless. Muslim immigration should end now, permanently.

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