Somalis In Uniform: Mohamed Noor Guilty In Killing Of White Australian Woman—What Kind Of Sentence Will He Get?
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Another Somali item: Tuesday this week the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor concluded. Noor is the Somali cop who shot a young Australian woman, Justine Ruszczyk, back in July 2017.

Ms Ruszczyk had called 911; Noor and his partner were in the squad car that responded, Noor in the passenger seat; as the young woman approached the car from the driver's side, Noor leaned across his partner and shot her through the car window for no very convincing reason.

Tuesday Noor was found guilty of third-degree murder and manslaughter. Sentencing is on June 7th.

The authorities in Minnesota, ramping up their Midwestern Nice to suicidal levels, seem to be terrified that anyone might suppose that Noor is a low-IQ affirmative action hire, put into a police uniform to placate Somali activists. My first guess would be that's exactly the situation here, but that nobody will ever admit it.

My second guess would be that the court will go as easy as they dare on sentencing, for the same placatory reason. Noor could get a max sixteen years, but I doubt he'll get more than ten, or serve more than six.

That second guess will at least be subject to check: I'll report back in June.

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