Somali Immigrants: Damaging To America
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Brenda Walker’s blog on Somali violence in Seattle nicely supplements an excellent post on the ever-valuable Refugee Resettlement Watch Why so many Somalis in Minneapolis?

This is an analysis of Good Question: Why Did Somalis Locate Here? By Jason DeRusha CBS Minnesota January 19, 2011

RRW answers

First, there are a bunch of volags (silly name, voluntary agencies) paid by the federal government to resettle refugees. If you have a bunch of those in your town (or one aggressive one), you will have a larger number of refugees. And, the second reason is that the welfare benefits in Minnesota are so good.

Digressing slightly, I meant to post on the welfare magnet that is Maine awhile back... Maine has been a magnet to Somalis as well, most notably the city of Lewiston. has long been following the iniquitous Refugee Industry and the mess in Lewiston.

RRW notes De Rusha did a good job of documenting the answers to the title question:

Reason number 1: Church ”volags” brought them to welcoming Minnesota... Reason number 2, and why refugees stay and more come, is that Minnesota, like Maine, provides handsome welfare programs.

but points out the great value of a comment about the Somalis from ”Random Reader”, a shrewd contributor who lives on the edge of the main Somali section of Minneapolis

I must say that I am very worried by what I see…there appears to be a significant percentage who maintain their clan ties and animosities, make no attempt at integrating themselves into the general population, and are prone to violence…a lot of it is more akin to the piracy which takes place off the Somali coast: gangs of Somalis have been mugging area bicyclists for years and the trail that follows the light rail. Residents of Minneapolis will also likely remember the YouTube video posted by young Somali gangsters a year or two back showing them assaulting random pedestrians and bicyclists with no apparent motive other than laughs.

In addition to the violence, there seems to be other major ”quality of life” issue with the Somali population. For example, rampant littering, uninsured driving, treatment of Somali women as chattel and sex slaves by the men, welfare fraud. …

what makes me even more scared is the growth of the community. Although I have never been able to find any firm numbers, it appears that the local Somali community is maintaining the fertility rate of their homeland- somewhere around 5 or 6 kids per family. And likewise- although official numbers are not available a huge percentage of the Somali population relies on public money and social services for almost every facet of their lives (i.e. subsidized housing, food stamps, use of our public county hospital…).

I think I am starting to understand why Somalia has not been able to maintain a government since 1991. would stress that the only reason these wildly unsuitable people lacking any cultural or historical links to America are ruining previously highly functional cities here is because the U.S. Government went out of its way to import them — with the eager collaboration of private Treason Lobby operatives.

In closing ”Random Reader" supplies some interesting news:

Our local papers, the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press will almost never allow comments on articles related to the Somali community, and when they do the comments are heavily censored. Likewise the local community email list,, will kill any thread which talks about crime related to the Somali community…there is not a single open forum in Minneapolis where issues surrounding this issue can be discussed.
( emphasis)

Some years ago had a good run of stories on the another destructive and utterly unsuitable refugee import, the Hmong, with many of the facts coming from what then seemed the extraordinary frank Minnesota local press. Then it dried up. Now we see why.

Diversity means: even more MSM repression

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