Larry McDonald And KAL 007 Still Forgotten
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A NewsWeek compendium of Congressmen who have died unnatural deaths in office continues to ignore Congressman Larry McDonald, who died in the Soviet shootdown of KAL 007.[Deadly Tragedies in Congress - Newsweek] They have lists of Congressmen who died in duels, one who died of cholera, and drowned himself while under the influence of syphilitic insanity, but not the only Congressman who was shot down by the Russians.

They mention, without a complete list that 18 Congressmen have died in "plane crashes," but KAL 007 wasn't a crash, it was shot down by Russian fighter planes. President Reagan said at the time

"I'm coming before you tonight about the Korean airline massacre, the attack by the Soviet Union against 269 innocent men, women, and children aboard an unarmed Korean passenger plane. This crime against humanity must never be forgotten, here or throughout the world."

It has been.See Gabrielle Giffords, Larry McDonald, Sarah Palin–And The Profound Instability Of American Politics for more.

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