SLATE's Weigel Bravely Reports On TN Senate Primary Challenger Joe Carr's Appeal To "Immigration-Irritated" Base
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Slate's David Weigel occasionally writes interesting things, and Meet Joe Carr, the Last Tea Party Senate Challenger of 2014 (June 14), about the immigration patriot Tennessee state representative who is challenging Lamar Alexander in the August 7 GOP Senate primary, has this interesting nugget:
One thing Carr learned from the Brat race: The GOP base is more irritable about immigration reform than anyone admits. And unlike Cantor, Alexander actually voted for the Senate's immigration bill.

[Emphasis added. Link in original.].

This is quite brave of Wiegel, since the "anyone" who won't "admit" the key role of "immigration reform" a.k.a. the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge in the Brat triumph is the MSM elite.

Wiegel even helpfully includes a link to Carr's fierce ad attacking Alexander over Amnesty and notes that he's just been endorsed by the heroic Laura Ingraham.

If Carr does pull off an upset (and Alexander is clearly running scared), Wiegel will look very good.

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