Dave Weigel Endorses White Nationalism?
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When The American Cause announced that Peter Brimelow would join Ward Connerly and Lou Barletta to speak on the topic “Winning the Hillary Voters,” libertarian blogger Dave Weigel dismissed the panel as, Winning Over Hillary Voters With White Nationalism

“So, that’s the editor of an anti-immigration Website, a man who travels the country organizating anti-affirmative initiatives, and a Pennsylvania mayor who lost his 2002 and 2008 runs for Congress in the northeastern Pennsylvania counties that went for Hillary Rodham Clinton in the presidential primary. This seems to read much more into Clinton’ infamous comment that she was winning “working, hard-working Americans, white Americans” than she meant.

Weigel failed to note that Ward Connerly is black and that his initiatives have won in blue states full of working class whites such as Michigan. He also forgot that Barletta not only received over 7% more of the vote than McCain did in his district; but in—as far as I know—an unprecedented event, the Democratic Party of Hazleton gave him the nomination in a landslide as a write-in candidate. But anyone who suggests that you can win working class white Democrats by opposing affirmative action and illegal immigration is a “white nationalist” to Weigel.

So I was naturally surprised to see Weigel write an excellent piece about how Republicans can win by appealing to white voters turned off by our “post racial” presidents racial politics after Gatesgate, exactly what Steve Sailer argued for in VDARE. Weigel points to Obama’ rapidly falling approval ratings among white voters in response to his Racial policies. He quotes GOP Strategist George Fletcher, “He got really close to losing the image he has as a post-racial president. For a few days, the question for a lot of people became, “Wait a minute. Is he the president of the United States? Or is he just the president of minorities?”[GOP Sees Opportunity With White Voters After Gates Saga, August 7, 2009]

Weigel noted that low turnout among elderly whites and high minority turnout contributed to GOP’ 2008 loss, and now “The problem for Democrats is that the white voters who might sour on the president because, in part, of the race issue are more likely to turn out to vote than the young and black voters who made up his margin of victory in 2008.”

For some reason, Weigel doesn’t call this strategy “white nationalism.” Well neither has VDARE. The Sailer Strategy is just common sense.



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