Sheldon Adelson Funding Another Poisoned Chalice For GOP
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Adelson Nass

Adelson with new minion: Such a deal they have for us!

Right after the unedifying spectacle of Sheldon Adelson’s Israeli newspaper cheering on immigration policies in that country the owner opposes for Americans's benefit comes another egregious example of Adelson money being deployed to obliterate traditional GOP preferences.

New Group For Young Conservatives Looks To Drown Out GOP Cranks McKay Coppins BuzzFeed August 30, 2013 burbles

A new organization for young conservatives will kick into gear next week with the express goal of “drowning out” the cranks and kooks who have “hijacked” the Republican Party...

“The thesis of our organization is that young people are not liberal,” said Josh Nass, a Brandeis student and founder of the group, Voices of Conservative Youth... The party and the leadership has given them no attention, has done nothing in terms of outreach, and we’re going to change that.”

A key change is supporting privileges for homosexuals:

Jimmy LaSalvia, the former executive director of the conservative gay organization GOProud and a board member for Voices of Conservative Youth, said embracing gay rights is an essential step the party must take.

“…I am pleased that VOCY is making the effort to engage with young gay Americans because gay people are very much a part of America in 2013,” LaSalvia said.

The first picture in the picture gallery on the sumptuous website of Voices of Conservative Youth is Nass posing with Sheldon Adelson and BuzzFeed reports

Nass… does have the support of at least one major GOP player: Sheldon Adelson. Nass, who proudly self-identifies as a “Zionist,” said he is close to the Jewish mega-donor and that Adelson has provided ample “moral support.”…Nass declined to comment on the organization’s donors.

Just as Romney’s dropping the immigration issue, excessive hawkishness over Israel and choice of Paul Ryan appeared to in response to donors (of whom Adelson was of course by far the largest) so too his failure to respond to the Chick-fil-A opportunity was said to be donor-dictated.

It is worth revisiting an article I cited in Sheldon Adelson: "No Palestinian Nation." Or An American? - (Not Quite So) Right Steve Friess Las Vegas Weekly Sep 11, 2008

Adelson is actually a liberal. No, really...last January while I was interviewing the CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corp. …he spoke highly of his interactions with Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. When I remarked that the Democratic governor with strong ties to Barack Obama seemed an unlikely bedfellow for a man like Adelson, he pushed back.

“I’m a social liberal,” he told me. “I’m socially very liberal. Too liberal.”

Friess intelligently continued

...there are two defining political issues that land him on the Republican side of the aisle but do not necessarily make him a conservative ideologue and religious fringeist in the mold of, say, Sarah Palin.

Adelson cares about two major things—fighting labor unions and protecting the state of Israel. Those are the issues…that inform his political donations…

To whom don’t you see Adelson handing out large sums? Groups trying to ban abortion or same-sex marriage. Groups hoping to convince the public that man-caused global warming’s a hoax. Groups working to build anti-Mexican fences or line our borders with gun-toting vigilantes.

( emphasis), adding

His business practices speak for themselves. The Venetian wedding chapel warmly welcomes gay couples to celebrate their unions.

Additionally there is evidence of ethnic animosity against certain whites.

I repeat

•    Sheldon Adelson is the enemy
•    Any pol who wants/takes money from Adelson is the enemy
•    With these fantastic amounts of money on offer, any elected official is extremely likely to be corrupted quickly.

Needless to say, the Nass/Adelson prescription will be a disaster for the Republicans.

But a lot of parasites will get rich.

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