Sharron Angle to make the History Books!
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Some of us had our doubts — but Sharron Angle has proved she has what America needs:

…her latest immigration-themed ad… begins with flashes of an El Paso border station and images of burly Hispanic men holding guns. "Waves of illegal aliens streaming across our border, joining violent gangs, forcing families to live in fear," a narrator says…..
The narrator goes on to claim that Angle's opponent, Democratic Sen. Harry Reid, is voting to give illegal immigrants Social Security benefits, tax breaks, and college tuition. Contrasted with a mug shot of a young Hispanic man in a bandana is a classroom full of eager white children. "Harry Reid: it's clear whose side he's on," the narrator says at the end of the ad. "And it's not yours."

One Week Out, Angle Runs Racially Charged Ad Nicole Allen The Atlantic Oct 26 2010

Very helpfully supplying clips of the great 1988 Willie Horton ad and (my favorite) the brilliant Jesse Helms ”Hands” KO punch from 1990, The Atlantic splutters

This ad …leaves no question about who Nevadan voters should fear. Angle's ad may join Horton and "hands" in racial messaging infamy, but both of those ads saw a political pay-off.

The Treason Lobby of course is against effective opposition advertising. They much prefer stupidities like Meg Whitman’s eight-figure fiasco. So do many Republican Campaign Consultants.

But Sharron Angle got to the point

”it's clear whose side he's on…And it's not yours."
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