Shakin’ All Over (Thanks For Nothing, China!) :'s First WuFlu Victim Speaks
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I have WuFlu. I don’t know how it got to me, as I’m in a largely rural area with fewer opportunities for community spread than most places. Perhaps I got it at my place of work, in a large American city where it is spreading, but where I have not physically been for almost a fortnight.

Thank you, ChiComs, for this Radiant Gift from the Middle Kingdom!

May the Mandate of Heaven be pulled from China’s rulers post-haste!

And may Xi Jinping be afflicted with a pestilence of bat-boils!

I was skeptical about all the hype. No longer. WuFlu is Most Unpleasant, and doesn’t give up easily.

It has brought out surprising things in people I think of as enemies, and some as friends. President Trump and VP Pence are doing well under the circumstances. I’m impressed by Dr. Birx; less so by Dr. Fauci.

And among Democratic governors, Cuomo and Newsom have been unusually grown-up. The less said about their Congressional comrades, the better, however.

But I have to tip my hat to someone I never thought I would: CNN’s Chris Cuomo, whom the ChiComs have also gifted with WuFlu. Base ingratitude with respect to someone so usually solicitous of the CCP’s propaganda. Cuomo has been recording and posting updates about WuFlu. Now that Cuomo and I have something in common, I can testify that Cuomo’s accounts ring true. Chris Cuomo is performing a real service, and it’s not Fake News:

I thought I should add a bit to the account. My experience reminds me  – suitably re-worded, of course – of one of my favourite English rockers: Shakin’ All Over, as originally recorded by Johnny Kidd & The Pirates ca. 1960, and covered by The Who in 1970 on Live At Leeds and at the Isle of Wight:

But, great number that it is, it needs a little editing for WuFlu (apologies to Johnny Kidd’s estate, but he’s been gone since 1966):

When you slide in right up close to me
That's when I get the aches all over me
Twitches down my back bone
I've got the aches down the kneebone
Yeah, got the stabbin’ in the thighbone
Achin' all over

The way you won’t say goodnight to me
Brings that twistin’ on inside of me
Twitches down my back bone

I've got the shivers down the thighbone
Yeah, the aches in my back bone
Achin' all over

Twitches down my back bone
Yeah, I have the stabbin’ in the kneebone
I've got the aches in the back bone
Achin' all over

Well, you make me ache and I hate it, baby
Well, you make me ache and I hate it, baby
Well, you make me ache and I hate it, baby


Thanks for Nothing, China!


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