#ICESVU Saboteurs Releasing Illegal Aliens In Louisiana
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ICE SVU is at it again.  They stop at no opportunity to aid illegal aliens to remain in the United States.  This time ICE SVU has quietly begun to release illegal aliens from detention centers because of the Chinese Virus.  As usual, ICE ERO is doing this on the down low, again lying to or deceiving their supervisors, Stephen Miller and Ken The Knife Cuccinelli.  This shows that ICE SVU is more responsive to propaganda campaigns in the press to benefit illegal aliens than to its mission and the President.

Immigration lawyers say the U.S. government has unexpectedly started to release detained migrants in Louisiana amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Several lawyers say they have been notified that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement would start releasing their clients, some of whom had been previously denied parole. Nathalia Dickson, a lawyer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, says she knows of 16 people who are being released from one jail.

ICE spokesman Bryan Cox says the threat of the coronavirus is one factor in an ongoing custody review process, but denied there had been a “policy change.”

[Some Migrants Detained In Louisiana Are Being Released, Lawyers Say, PBS, April 3, 2020]

The head of ICE SVU in charge of detention facilities in Louisiana is William Joyce, Acting Field Office Director.  Is Joyce panicking or is he in on a campaign of sabotage of immigration enforcement.  There is no need to release illegal aliens because of the China Flu.  Each and every illegal alien can immediately be released from custody by agreeing to forego their legal proceedings and return to their homeland.  It is as simple as that if they truly fear the Wuhan Virus.

Joyce can be contacted here (sorry, no photograph):

1250 Poydras Suite 325
New Orleans, LA, 70113
Phone: (504) 599-7800
Email: [email protected]

But they don’t.  The Kung Flu is nothing more than an excuse to release illegal alien into the population, and for them to delay or hide from deportation.  That is the game that is afoot.  And it appears to be successful.

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