Senate Immigration Overhaul?
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Gail Russell Chaddock writes in the Christian Science Monitor:

Those involved in the negotiations say the proposal would include border security and tougher sanctions against employers who hire illegal workers, along with a path to legal status — but not necessarily citizenship — for the millions now in the US.[Senate nears immigration overhaul, May 11, 2007 ]

Sen. Jeff Sessions comments on what is being produced:

"It's a prescription for disaster," says Sen. Jeff Sessions (R) of Alabama, who says he was involved in early negotiations. "It will all come down to a 700- to 800-page bill.... The House will ram it through and the president can sign it, but the American people will have no idea what's in it."

Basically this is saying that this is a non-resolution. We need an immigration policy that improves the situation for the bulk of Americans—and Mexicans—and makes the situation no worse even for those that have broken immigration law. Nothing like that is under consideration.

The problem is that for the most part the economic theory of what is happening with US immigration policy is terribly bad. That means the major policy makers are flying blind.

What it sounds like will happen is that the US government may formalize the status of millions of illegal aliens as legal guest workers—and will continue increasing the flow of immigration overall. I expect that process to continue until there is some kind of major economic crisis that forces a moratorium on immigration.

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