Schools "Losing" Illegal Aliens
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Are illegals becoming less brazen, now that there's a possibility they'll be be deported? Trendspotters think so:
Iconoculture - Consumer Research Service: Trend Observation


OBSERVATION Deportation threat causes withdrawal from community life


* Undocumented and legal immigrants and their families are withdrawing from public life or leaving their communities to prevent detection and deportation by law enforcement officials. * Nationwide, many immigrants no longer shop or socialize as governments pass tighter immigration laws. * They're also pulling their kids out of school. Cartwright Elementary School District, in Hispanic west Phoenix, reported a loss of 525 students in the 2007-08 school year ( 2.12.08).[More]

OK, that last one is just crazy—if you have 525 fewer illegals in public school, that's not a loss, that's a gain.According to the Goldwater Institute, it costs between $8500 and $9000 per year to put a public school student through school in Arizona, so if 525 students have left with their parents, the school board is saving almost five million dollars. (I bet they find something to spend it on.)
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