Sam Francis Purged From TownHall Archives
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I've mentioned the Internet Archive Wayback Machine before, it's and extremely useful tool.

You can "Browse through 40 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago. " and what it is is an attempt to back up the internet.

I mention this because has gone through a massive overhaul, which means a lot of links are dead, and you can use the Wayback Machine to revive old links, and find stuff that people have taken down for one reason or another.

One thing that's vanished from is their archive of Sam Francis columns for the year 2000. You can find it here: Sam Francis Archive. Here's a column on H-1Bs and Rob Sanchez, here's one on the election of Vicente Fox, here's on on the death penalty.

Another Sam Francis site, was down temporarily after his death, but is now back up. You can see an archive of years worth of his Principalities and Powers columns there in PDF, including this classic from 2000,( a personal favorite of mine) Attack of the 300-pound Beefy Guys, [PDF] describing the shock and horror felt by David Brooks at the sight of actual American working men at a Buchanan rally.

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