"A Certain Shaft of Light" falls on Senator Frist
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Congratulations to our blogroll member A Certain Slant of Light. Last Saturday's spoof about President Bush appointing an underqualified crony to be Federal Reserve Chairman was linked to on Thursday by the ultra serious (and expensive) "News Clips" service offered by high- end Wall Street intelligence supplier Bianco Research. This is the first time I can remember any blog appearing in this wide-ranging survey of generally MSM sources of sophisticated financial commentary.

Even warmer congratulations are due to ACSoL for an immediate puncturing assessment of Senate Majority leader Frist's trial balloon attempt to float around the immigration reform issue issue by mouthing some border enforcement platitudes - reported Friday in The Washington Times [Frist to take on border bill first - Stephen Dinan October 14 2005]

Brushing aside an attempt by a naive Republican cheer-leading blog to declare victory, A Certain Slant acidly remarks

The foot-dragging on border security and immigration reform has been unconscionable, both by the GOP-controlled Congress and by the president...The Republican-controlled Senate has in many ways disappointed more than the Republican-controlled House...Meanwhile, and pertinent in weighing Frist's and the GOP's responsiveness, 11+ million illegal aliens are in the United States already, 10,000 more per day are breaching our borders...and our educational and healthcare systems throughout the country (and particularly in the border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas) have been overwhelmed by illegals seeking free this and free that and a social safety net that American citizens do not even enjoy...

It's an invasion, Folks, and hardly anyone in Washington seems to care!

Responsive? More like derelict, if you ask me.

Way to go, A Certain Shaft of Light!

The Washington Times article did have one encouraging nugget. Reporting that new House Majority Leader Roy Blunt was also favoring enforcement over a guest-worker plan (a.k.a. amnesty) it quoted Blunt's spokeswoman:

"Mr. Blunt's focus with respect to the immigration question is securing the border and enforcing the immigration laws we have on the books," she said, adding that it's the top issue on Republican constituents' minds. "Mr. Blunt was in 10 districts in August, and whether it was in Michigan or Georgia or his own district in Missouri, it is the number one issue."

(my emphasis).

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