SalonDotCom And The Very-Hard-To-Parody Obsessions Of The Real Salon
Print Friendly and PDF is a parody Twitter account. is the real thing. The parody has over-the-top takeoffs on the real magazine's perverse racial and sexual obsessions, usually with no links.

Then I noticed that the parody account had started retweeting some things that the real account was posting, showing that Salon had succeeded in parodying itself.

The parody has things like these:

This is a real one from Salon, retweeted by the parody

This is the background image from SalonDotCom, NOT A PARODY.


It's a real Salon article by Joan Walsh, April 22, 2013.

For more of how Joan Walsh  [Email her] thinks, see SALON’s Joan Walsh Thinks That There Is “No Social Order” Where Blacks Oppress Whites. She’s Wrong, Of Course and SALON's Joan Walsh Brings Back Demented Attacks On Charles Murray.

Anyhow, everything after this is a REAL thing from Salon's real twitter feed, to show you how weird they are, and how hard it is to parody them.

So apparently you can make this stuff up, but Salon will always be trying hard to be weirder.

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