Sailer In TakiMag: Who Needs Facts?
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From my new column in Taki’s Magazine:

Who Needs Facts?
Steve Sailer

May 03, 2023

A central conundrum of the 2020s is why respectable opinion has gotten so out of touch with reality on questions touching race, such as crime. Are mainstream pundits lying, intimidated, deluded, hate-filled, or just stupid?

It’s an important and difficult question.

I ponder this because I’ve developed a reputation as the go-to guy on Twitter when celebrities say something smugly stupid about crime statistics. Most every day I see a tweet summoning me by showing Batman staring up at the Bat-Signal of my avatar, the 18th hole at Cypress Point Golf Club. (Yeah, it’s pretty cool.)

Still, that’s weird when you think about it. I know far more about, say, baseball stats than I do about crime stats. But there must be 10,000 or 100,000 guys who know more about baseball numbers than I do, and they’re all willing to speak up. (Just ask them.)

In contrast, we have the entire academic specialty of criminology, along with adjacent fields such as sociology and political science. But it’s hard to get a straight story out of any but a literal handful of them on this decade’s big topic of race and crime. So nobody seems to know anything.

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