Sailer in Takimag: If Black Lives Mattered, We'd Do Something About Witness-Murdering
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From my new column in Taki’s Magazine:

By 2019, blacks were up to being known murder offenders at 8.2 times the rate of nonblacks. The 2020 ratio will likely be worse.

This inordinate murderousness is a massive problem for America, stretching far beyond its direct victims. Murder, the ultimate crime, contributes to our hollowed-out cities and long commutes from the hinterlands. And all the shootings make hopeless liberal plans like Raj Chetty’s for diluting the black underclass’ antisocial culture through integration.

There’s much talk at the moment about censoring social media. But I never see discussion of how to reduce the death toll social media takes in the inner cities.

Over the years I’ve probably read five or ten interviews with black police chiefs in which they lament how social media facilitates the kind of knuckleheaded interpersonal beefs that lead to black-on-black murders.

In a violent lowbrow culture, social media’s public nature and the fact that everything you and everyone else says goes on your permanent record makes it more likely that some fool will decide that a diss demands a death.

But there’s no pressure on the vastly wealthy social media monopolies to figure out ways to keep their platforms from being used to incite black-on-black murder. What’s the political payoff? And it sounds racist to worry about it.

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