Sailer Hating Around The Web
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First CNN runs a piece called Could an Obama presidency hurt black Americans? By John Blake, July 22, 2008. It quotes from White Guilt, Obamania, and the Reality of Race,, January 02, 2007. Then Steve notices it and says
Somebody better tell David Brock at Media Matters right now, so he won’t lose any time getting his panties in a twist again over somebody daring to quote me.
Here are some responses from around the web:

Think Progress » CNN Highlights Racist Writings To Argue That An Obama Presidency Could ”Hurt Black Americans’

49 Comments, last time I checked, and certain amount of bad language.

MSNBC - Politics - Excuse Me Sir...Do You Sell Any of That "White Guilt Repellent?" Blackazoid’s Greatest Enemy

On Pandagon, an internet home for the clinically insane, they write "CNN just let a white supremacist concern troll black America."27 comments so far, but you don't have to scroll down to the comments to get the bad language, it's in the article itself. 

"Concern troll" is a verb, here, and it doesn't describe what Sailer is doing.

But so far, nothing from David Brock and George Soros at Media Matters.

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