Ryan, Robots, And Immigrants: VDARE.com Has Been On It For Years
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Last week, Mickey Kaus was complaining that "Last year’s GOP VP candidate, Rep. Paul Ryan, is actively lobbying for legalization (on the explicit grounds that otherwise Wisconsin dairy farmers might have to raise wages!)."

Immigration reporter Neil Munro is in the Daily Caller with a useful report on automation in the Wisconsin Dairy industry:

It’s robots vs. immigrants in Paul Ryan’s dairy district

By Neil Munro

Daily Caller

August 9, 2013

GOP budget chief and Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan says he wants to pass a major immigration rewrite because his home-state Wisconsin dairy farmers will go bust without a steady supply of low-wage immigrant workers.

However, those dairy farmers are increasingly hiring robots to milk their cows.

Farmers’ “first reaction is disbelief… [but] once people do purchase them and put them in, it’s definitely a life-changing event,” said Adam Steiner, a robot salesman in Stratford, Wisconsin, for Iowa-based Lely USA Inc.Ryan, Robots, And Immigrants: VDARE.com Has Been On It For Years

Without the cow-milking robots, farmers’ lives are tied to their cows’ milking schedule.

“Seven days a week, two or three times a day, every single solitary day, no breaks for Christmas, no breaks for your birthday, you have to milk those cows,” said Gregg Abts, a robot-salesman in New Franken, Wisconsin.

The cows use the new robots when they wish, and the robots only need maintenance every 20,000 milkings, so the farmers are free to set their own schedules, such as attending their kids’ school events while monitoring the milking via their smartphones, Steiner said.[More]

So why are  Ryan and his  Wisconsin Dairy donors still agitating for more cheap labor?

The theme that robots and automation are better solution to some kinds of labor shortage has been a VDARE.com favorite for years: Steve Sailer did Being A Human Sign Is Just Another Job Robots Will Do—And For Which Immigrants Aren't Needed just the other day.  See also

And many more. The earliest article on this was Give Us This Day,By Harold Brewer, November 1, 2000.

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