Open Border Logo Roundup
August 09, 2013, 05:48 PM
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Steve Sailer is holding an "Open Borders Logo" festival at his own blog. I've rounded up a bunch of them.


An Open Borders logo / doormat

America As Doormat

Harry Baldwin's suggestion for the Open Borders Movement's logo contest.

Atta:"I support Open Borders"

Atta:"I support Open Borders"


"We support Open Borders"

The Tsarnaevs: "We support open borders!"

"You maniacs, you supported Open Borders!"

"You maniacs, you supported Open Borders!"


"We demand Open Borders"

World War Z: Zombie Demand Open Borders

Yet another Open Borders logo

Open Borders = Suicide. (Ted Nugent: "I'm surprised he didn't miss.")


Submitted by Andres Roca at the Open Borders logo contest Facebook page.

Song titles from the Kurt Cobain catalog appropriate for the Open Borders Movement: