Rush Limbaugh Admits Being Depressed, But Returns To Amnesty Battle
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H/T One Old Vet

Rush Limbaugh’s alarming silence on the Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill, which had upset Mickey Kaus as well as me, ended on Tuesday.

I said in Has Rush Limbaugh been Zuckerberged? (2) that I thought Limbaugh too strong financially to be influenced by the factor raised by Laura Ingraham: Zuckerberg Ad Revenue Silencing "Conservative" Talk Show Hosts. I thought his silence more likely stemmed from disgust after being betrayed by the cowardly Heritage Foundation after bravely defending Jason Richwine.

Limbaugh confirmed something along these lines at the end of Tuesday’s show: We're All Depressed, Folks... But the Country is Up for Grabs: We Must Stop Amnesty and Hold the House in 2014 June 11, 2013

Folks, let me tell you something.  I try not to share a whole lot of personal stuff with you because I feel like that would be taking advantage of you.  But I just want to tell you something.  I am depressed every day, I'm just like you are, over what's happening to this country.  I'm depressed at what seems to be a futility in stopping this, getting people to care about it, getting people to see it for what it is.  I'm just like you…

It's hard to say what's the most disturbing about all this. The ignorance of so many Americans. The apathy of so many Americans.  The desire of a major American political party to basically turn this country inside out and upside down.  The lack of any pushback on that from our party in Washington.

But he has pulled himself together

…the Democrats have to be thrown out of office.  There are two things that we have do,... and they're both gonna be really tough.  We have to stop amnesty and we have to hold the House at the very at least…

…amnesty, you've seen what's happened to California.  We've been through this.  We just have to keep opposing it....I think amnesty can be stopped still or I wouldn't be wasting breath on it. And I think that we can hold the House in 2014, or I wouldn't be wasting breath on that.

The link is to an earlier segment of Tuesday’s broadcast A Dose of Reality on Immigration June 11 2013. In this he pointed out that as written, the bill permits amnestied illegals to undercut Americans for employment because employers are not obliged to pay for Obamacare on them. And he ridiculed the idea that delay in enfranchisement provides political protection

I mean, Chuck Schumer will leave the signing ceremony at the White House, and he'll find the nearest camera outside the driveway, and he'll start talking about how unfair this 13 years is and he doesn't know how it ended up in the bill…And then public pressure will be put on 'cause the Democrats are gonna want these people to vote in 2014, folks.

By hook or by crook they're gonna find a way to make that happen if this bill passes…I know Democrats.  I know what the purpose of this amnesty bill is and there isn't one element of it that is geared toward compassion. That's a selling point, but what they're really after is votes.

Particularly gratifying in the final segment is evidence Limbaugh is getting upset by being deceived by Marco Rubio. He quoted a correspondent who wrote

Even now, Rubio said that in his amnesty bill, legalization is now first and then securing the border is later.  That's in complete contrast to his earlier written-in-stone position. 

and replied

I have to say, he said that in an interview with the Spanish language network, and that bothered me.  That just disappointed me.  Am I right, Rubio has always said security first, nothing else, and he'll pull out of the bill. So he told an Hispanic speaking audience that legalization has to come first and then border security. hopes he gets more annoyed. Rush Limbaugh really understands the immigration issue and can be truly impressive on it.

And he has the power to make a very big difference.

He deserves encouragement.

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