Romney on Illegals: "Expel Whoever Needs To Be Expelled"
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Well…actually this comes from the English voiceover in a video embedded in MKs on Illegal African Influx: "A National Disaster" Arutz Sheva 9/1/2012, where an apparent member of the Israeli Parliament says

“The Prime Minister needs to draw up an emergency program, not just a fence which is a defensive plan, to bring forces here to expel whoever needs to be expelled without thinking twice…”

Arutz Sheva adds

"It's frightening," said MK Edna Adato (Kadima). "It's a feeling of fear. A fear of losing control… It feels as if we are losing control, as citizens, over what is happening in these areas."

Exactly what many Americans feel, of course, about their own cities. Indeed the video looks much like parts of after-dark Manhattan to me.

Since I have used this headline bait-and switch technique two other times recently:

Romney: "I Intend To Make Life Miserable For Illegal Immigrants Until They Realize Their Place Is Not Here"


Romney Gets Serious: Proposes Concentration Camp To Hold 1.1 Million Illegal Aliens

I suppose I will have to forgo it for a while – but it does highlight well the extreme contrast in the way basically the same problem is being dealt with by Israel (a country Romney purports to respect - or at least obey) and the studied ineffectuality of the Romney campaign when protecting Americans is the issue.

There is no acceptable reason for this difference. It reflects not sharing the commitment the Israeli political leaders have to care for one's people.

The Arutz Sheva account concluded

A senior police representative who accompanied the MKs said that there are over 55,000 infiltrators in southern Tel Aviv alone, and that crime in all categories has increased fivefold in the past three years.

This is a useful refutation to a casual remark attributed to police sources earlier in the summer that crime rates amongst the African immigrants were similar to the native born. Very popular amongst pro-immigrant elements, this assertion is of course intrinsically implausible.

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