Rocky Mountain Update
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The story so far: I was personally smeared by the Rocky Mountain News article Funding Questioned, which also villified Peter Brimelow, John Tanton, Fred Elbel and former Gov. Richard Lamm, among others. PB recently published his unexpurgated reponse to the hit piece in these local electrons.

My initial response was to analyze how the article was suspiciously similar to a moonbat smear extravaganza from some unnamed conspiracy accusers who attack in the style of the Southern Poverty Law Center: Questionable Hatchet Job In the Rocky Mountain News.

On Sunday, the News ran PB's opinion piece, somewhat edited, is no 'white nationalist Web site'. And on Tuesday the paper printed my letter to the editor in responding to the original hatchet job. Following is the print version of my letter.

You can always tell when liberals are losing an argument - they start falsely accusing opponents of bigotry [BW comment: My term was "racism" — is the R-word too intense for J-schoolers?]

Exhibit A: the blanket hatchet job on supporters of American sovereignty ("Critics say some Defend Colorado money tainted," July 15).

Polls consistently show that the majority of Americans across the political spectrum want immigration to be legal, controlled and reduced. However, the press is too arrogant to care about mere public opinion and continues to oppose citizens on a vital issue that will affect the nation's future more than any other.

One of the special-interest groups promoting open borders is the Catholic Church in America.

For analyzing this widely accepted fact in the article "America's Vaticrats" on the essential webzine, I was associated with the term "anti-Catholic" by the News. On the contrary, I oppose the immoral policies of Catholic elites (largely against parishioner sentiment), who insist that immigration of the poor trumps national borders and the rule of law.

In Texas last year, priest Michael Seifert said, "Any family in economic need has a right to immigrate, that's our posture" - a page taken from Marx, not Scripture.

On the contrary, Jesus said, "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's," meaning obey the law!

Interestingly, in Europe where most immigrants are Muslim, Cardinal Biffi has recommended that immigration policy "protect [the] national identity" of Italy. Imagine the shrieks of horror from the liberal media here if someone suggested that American culture be safeguarded - even though hundreds of millions of citizens deeply desire the preservation of our unique nation.

Hopefully, the credulous stenographers at RMN will crawl under a rock while they review the basics of proper journalism, e.g. learn how to balance viewpoints within an article to achieve some semblance of fairness. One of the most egregious aspects of the original piece was the use of unnamed accusers throughout, expressed by variations of the phrase, "Critics say..."

What kind of low-life excuse for journalism is that? This level of performance is underwhelming for a part of the private sector which has a vital role to play in informing self-governing citizens.

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