Questionable Hatchet Job In the Rocky Mountain News
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The Rocky Mountain News recently produced an unsubstantiated smear on the defenders of American sovereignty [Funding Questioned: Critics say some Defend Colorado money tainted, Rocky Mountain News, 7/15/06], attacking all sorts of people, including your truly because of my well documented article America's Vaticrats, critical of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Anti-Catholicism is a strong strain in the immigration control movement because of the Catholic Church's liberal position on increased immigration, particularly from Latin America.

Brenda Walker, a Sierra Club associate of [Fred] Elbel's who joined in unsuccessful effort to elect immigration control candidates including Lamm to the club's board of directors in 2004, had harsh words on her blog on a white nationalist Web site, VDare. Her claim is that the church needs Latino immigrants who are more passive and unquestioning.

"Apparently, as good authoritarians, the Catholic hierarchy prefers passively obedient parishioners — rather than educated Americans who are capable of critical analysis," Walker wrote. "Credulous Mexicans fresh from the pueblo are seen as ideal fillers of pews."

Why is this statement objectionable other than being an unpleasant truth? Many Mexicans are indeed credulous, largely as a result of being uneducated and often illiterate. America receives millions of illegal aliens of this sort from dirt-poor Mexican villages where education rarely goes past the eighth grade.

Clearly, my remarks are not against rank-and-file American Catholics, but against their leftist leaders who are as out of touch on immigration as other elites.

In fact, if you want to criticize the Catholic Church on open borders, get in line behind the many parishioners who are appalled at how their church acts against America's national interests (not to mention the continuing scandal of church officials protecting pedophile priests). The Council of Bishops acts against America to increase its market share and scoop up more taxpayer funds (currently running $40 million) for its "immigrant" services.

Interestingly, this article did not appear out of thin air, but was apparently strongly guided by a very slanted "report" ("Special Report: Defend Colorado Now") published by Building Democracy Initiative. (Use this link for a less annoying one-page layout.)

The accusations are mostly of the vague

"connected with"
variety, punctuated with plenty of name-calling and conspiracy mongering.

This attack sounds suspiciously like the familiar poison put out by the Southern Poverty Law Center — the same targets, particularly John Tanton as the all-powerful puppetmaster, and the same race-obsessed mindset that every patriotic American is actually a closet Klan type.

There is the same conflation of perfectly reasonable statements, like my questioning of the basis of multiculturalism into examples of hate and racism. You have to wonder what the "Building Democracy" people are smoking.

So-called "white nationalism" is clearly the big interest. A search on the website for the topic gives a stunning 1080 results, while MeCHA gets two! So they are not concerned with racism coming from brown people.

Former Governor Dick Lamm (D-CO) is characterized as "involved with the new nativism since its beginnings in the 1970s." Editor of The Social Contract Wayne Lutton is called a "white nationalist" and I am described as "avowed white nationalist." Total BS. All lies, but these fifth-columnist accusers (all unnamed BTW) don't have a leg to stand on, other than lies.

Anyway, read the Rocky Mountain News article and then the "Special Report" and see if you don't agree there is a strong similarity. If that's not too conspiratorial.

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