The Great Terror in Britain Continues
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Golliwogg And Friends, 1895Gael MonfilsEx-Prime Minister's Margaret Thatcher's daughter, Carol Thatcher, has been fired by the BBC for referring, on the BBC's premises but not on air to a "French" tennis player as a "golliwog". (A golliwog is a toy doll formerly popular with British children, but almost unknown in the US.)


The Corporation has defended itself in near-hysterical terms:Thatcher was sacked for refusing to apologise for 'racist' remark, BBC says, By Jerome Taylor,The Independent, February 6, 2009.

Given the BBC's behavior in other cases, they are open to the charge of vindictiveness to the Thatcher family.

Hat Tip The Irish Savant, which has provided pictorial evidence that Carol Thatcher was objectively correct, (see tennis player Gael Monfils right,and an 1896 picture of the original, left) and accurately remarked

the key point is that this was said in a private conversation. Yes, a private conversation that was reported to the Diversity Big Brother. So we've now reached the stage where, a la Soviet Russia or East Germany, your private conversations can lose you your job.... what we're seeing here is not 'liberalism', rather a new and insidious totalitarianism.

A feature of the numerous British accounts of this event is the enthusiasm with which various minority members cheer on this repression. And why not? Their cultures did see struggles for ethnic dominance—but never knew freedom of speech.

Nor will the English-speaking world if the stampede to multi-culturism continues.

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