Rick Sanchez Thinks A Guacamole Ad Refutes Ann Coulter
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Rich Sanchez who resurfaced at Fox News Latino after being fired for  making intemperate remarks about Jews at CNN, thinks he found the perfect zinger to Ann Coulter:

It is 7:37 p.m., and I’m on Ann Coulter’s blog reading how much she can’t stand Mexicans, and guess what banner ad is splattered across the top of her website? It’s for Subway, announcing how you can now add “guacamole to your favorite sandwiches.”
Tasty irony? OK maybe a little, but mostly it’s just plain reality [Is that guacamole on Ann Coulter’s face?, Fox News Latino, May 29, 2015]

It is true that the Aztecs first made Guacamole and now many Americans enjoy it.  But do we need millions of Mexicans to have guacamole Subway? Had Sanchez read Adios America, he would have read her statement that  “There’s nothing good about diversity, other than the food, and we don’t need 128 million Mexicans for the restaurants.”

In fact, while I am generally not a fan of corporate fast food chains that Subway now sells this Latin American condiment proves Ann’s point.

All Subway franchises have the same guacamole recipe or get it from a common producer.  Even if it required a skilled Mexican Cocinero to develop the recipe (which is doubtful), an American worker can still spread it on a Chipotle Chicken Melt. There are over 25,000 Subway restaurants in America, so millions of Americans now can access guacamole thanks to a few Mexican gourmands.



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