Richard Spencer Arrest In Hungary: Status Uncertain, No Local Tradition Of Free Speech
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We're not sure if Richard Spencer has been released by Hungarian police yet, who apparently detained him for conferencing while white. (He may Tweet from @RichardBSpencer when he is.) Here's a video featuring an interview with a Swedish nationalist who says that Swedish police are even harder on wrongthinking meetings. (Jared Taylor wrote in 2004 about Sweden: Can It Happen Here? Sweden's “Hate Speech” Laws Hateful—And Unequally Enforced.)

In 2005, while George W. Bush was saying things like "…one day this untamed fire of freedom will reach the darkest corners of our world,  Belgian writer Paul Belien wrote “The Darkest Corners Of Our World”?—Bush Can Start With Europe's Hate Crime Crackdown.

Since Hungary is a member of NATO, Mr. Obama and John Kerry could pressure them to allow minimum standards of free speech. They could, but they won't—they don't really believe in them.



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