POWERLINE Ingraham/Ebola Exchange Exemplifies GOP Establishment Uselessness
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Laura Ingraham amplifying her blog on Obama's direct responsibility for Ebola in U.S.

Fresh from his remarks which I applauded in POWERLINE’s Hinderaker: GOP 2014 Election Fizzle Due To Abdicating Immigration Issue, John Hinderaker, who is actually a lawyer, has endorsed Laura Ingraham’s penetrating question in  Did Barack Obama Allow Ebola Into the U.S.?

As I discussed in Ebola Strikes America: Bad Immigration/Refugee Policies To Blame Laura blogged:

The Immigration and National Security Act makes clear that HHS has the authority to decide which diseases should be banned entry into our country. If the President wanted to ban people who are at risk of carrying Ebola, one option short of a total travel ban is to have HHS list Ebola as a banned disease, and then decree that people traveling from certain countries would have to prove that they are Ebola-free. This is what we do with TB and other diseases for immigrants – they have to bring in a statement from a certified doctor saying they do not have the disease. It’s not foolproof, but it works to a certain extent. So why didn’t Obama take action to keep our citizens safe?
(Emphasis added. The audio clip above further amplifies these thoughts.)

This question remains open—and unasked.

But the Powerline item attracted two very revealing comments.

Arnold Townsend posted

I'm glad to hear someone ask that same question Ingraham asks: Does anyone recall any Republicans in DC raising this as an issue? McCain did not seem to have any problems finding a microphone when he was in a rage to arm and train what is now called ISIS. A threat to the health of Americans like Ebola gets nothing — from any Republican.

Is this some deep, dark strategy by the Republicans in DC (with a few well-known but very lonely exceptions), to remain mute before any and all disasters this administration has caused? I'm beginning to believe that if the Redcoats torched the White House again, Senator Graham would speak on the predicament of the Kurds. The rest of the Republicans would make the House and Senate floors seem like the lobotomy ward at the asylum.

By giving so little pushback, the GOP in DC assures that not only will these situations get worse, even more disasters wait down the road. Obama has little concern for what Republicans on the Hill think about what he does. Why should he? Nobody knows where they stand on anything of importance.

When the first deaths from Ebola in the US are reported I expect McCain and Boehner to issue statements criticizing the "bombing only" campaign in Iraq.

I do not understand the Republican Party anymore.

To these profoundly sensible remarks someone called Paul Bell posted
Simple, if GOP types say that maybe fights from Liberia, or whatever, should be suspended, they would immediately be branded as racist. Moreover, they could object all they want, but nothing would happen anyway. So what is the percentage? To score I told you so points? not worth the effort.
This response is GOP Establishment personified! Utter terror about the easily refuted racism charge. Total defeatism —masking no doubt an intense focus on getting on with the looting.

Poor America.

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