Revolver: "America’s Military Is The Best In The World–But Not For Long"
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The Revolver website has been called the new Drudge. But it's really different from Drudge, which is a news aggregator site.  Revolver has some aggregation but its real draw is its excellent original articles, such as this recent piece on the U.S. military, entitled America’s Military Is The Best In The World – But Not For Long, January 28, 2021.   It deals with disturbing developments of recent years which may not be recognized by the general public. 

Here's how the article begins:

Conservatives and patriots understandably have great affinity for the United States military. It has historically won great victories that have both advanced liberty abroad and protected it at home. For close to 80 years, it has been beyond question the most advanced and powerful fighting force on planet Earth. Relative to its potential adversaries, the American armed forces of the past few decades could arguably be the most powerful military that has ever existed in any country at any time in world history.

Most conservatives also instinctively, and understandably, see the military as a reservoir of traditional and conservative values. Sometimes, when conservatives darkly contemplate the possibility that left-wing extremists may try to overthrow the rights of Americans, they console themselves with the thought that the invincible U.S. military will be on “our side.”

It is increasingly obvious that these thoughts are mistaken.

First, it’s clear that thanks to political purges and the persistent progressive colonization of all American institutions, the military is no longer a “conservative” institution in any meaningful sense. Revolver wrote extensively on that shift just days ago. But there is a more basic shortcoming in play: America’s armed forces are in steep decline. It may still be the world’s strongest military, but its advantage is shrinking every day.

The article lists the following reasons the U.S. military is in decline:

1.    Soldiers are getting fat
2.    Women in combat roles
3.    Transgender soldiers
4.    The Army plans to promote based on diversity, not ability
5.    The United States continues to rely on absolutely ancient weapons platforms
6.    America’s big-picture technological advantage is vanishing
7.    America’s big advantage in military spending is illusory
8.    Enormous firepower masks strategic vacuity
9.    America’s adversaries have the technology to render its greatest weapons obsolete
10.  The service academies are being debased in the name of diversity and football success

If you're concerned about the future of the U.S. military, read the article


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