Report: Dayton Shooter Was Armed Antifa Counterprotester At Tiny KKK Rally
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There's nothing more ridiculous than people getting worked up about a Ku Klux Klan rally. The organization has been essentially defunct for decades and one can't imagine a bigger honeypot for federal agents. Yet, somehow, in the mind of leftists, the entire country is under the rule of the Invisible Empire. (Remember when Lena Dunham had a meltdown because she really thought the Klan was organizing at Oberlin College?

In any event, when the "KKK" does have a rally, it's usually a handful of people and hundreds of counterprotesters no doubt congratulating themselves on their bravery. One can't help but suspect whether the FBI, as they did in the 1960's, is actually behind these rallies in order to undermine domestic opposition. 

RamZPaul has an excellent (and terrifying) video on related subjects.

Remember that shortly before the ill-fated Unite The Right protest in 2017, a KKK group rallied in Charlottesville. The tiny group was aggressively protected by Charlottesville police. The leftists' fury at not being able to tear the Klansmen apart no doubt informed the Charlottesville police's disastrous "let them fight" approach in August.

According to the Heaphy Report (page 58):

By all accounts, the crowd of counter-protesters became hostile to law enforcement personnel after the Klan vehicles exited the JDR Court parking garage. Frank Buck, a former City Mayor, was present for the July 8 event. He told us that after the Klan left, counter-protesters turned on law enforcement and “things got crazy.” Elizabeth Pettit, an eyewitness, observed that counter-protesters and police had hostile interactions, facilitated by counter-protesters who taunted the police for helping the Klan. Reverend Seth Wispelwey said the “police became the enemy” to many in the crowd, as people were angry that the police “protected the Klan.” Ann Marie Smith told us that the crowd “turned against the police” after the Klan left, partly because of the riot gear and aggressive actions of officers. Some crowd members chanted “Cops and Klan go hand in hand!” Klan rally, no major violence at UTR 2017, no Heather Heyer death. 

The Main Stream Media also continuously used the images from the Klan rallies when writing stories about the Unite The Right protest. (Even the Heaphy Report used a black police officer looking downcast with Klansmen in the background as a cover image.)

Just a few months ago, on May 25, nine, nine KKK members held a rally. Hundreds of counterprotesters, some of them carrying guns, opposed them. One of them was Connor Betts

— The man who killed nine people in Dayton’s Oregon District was seen carrying a gun and protesting against the Ku Klux Klan at a rally downtown in May.

Hasan Karim, who knew Betts and grew up in Bellbrook in the same high school class, was in the crowd accompanying freelance journalists and was taking pictures of the event. Karim bumped into someone in the crowd and the man told him ‘You don’t know me.’ The two said hello to each other and Karim recognized Betts by his voice, body and mannerisms in their brief interaction.

Betts wore a bandanna covering part of his face and sunglasses. He carried a gun which appeared to be similar in style to the one used in Sunday’s shooting. He did not appear to be part of any group that was in the protest crowd.

[Dayton shooter was armed counter-protester at Ku Klux Klan rally, by Will Garbe and Hasan Karim, WHIO, August 6, 2019]

This suggests the late Mr. Betts wasn't just tied to antifa, he was antifa. One wonders if the gun he used in the Dayton massacre was the same gun he used at the antifa protest. If it is, one wonders if we will ever be told. 

Don't look for much attention paid to this in the corporate media. 

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