Rep. Lamar Smith Defends 287-G In The Baltimore Sun
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The Baltimore Sun recently did an anti-enforcement editorial, No way to police immigration, [March 20, 2009] in which they said that cops shouldn't enforce the law. Their theory is that the illegals aren't really criminals. Lamar Smith, one of the authors of the 287-G law, replies, pointing out that illegal immigration is illegal even when it doesn't involve violent crime:

As one of the co-authors of the legislation that created Section 287(g), I know that it was created to let state and local law enforcement officials help enforce all federal immigration laws and remove illegal immigrants from the streets. It was not our intent that the program would only be used to address "serious crime," as the editorial suggests.

And it works. The Frederick County sheriff told Congress that the 287(g) program helps his county. The chairman of the Prince William County, Va., Board of Supervisors testified that his county kept 111 criminal aliens from returning to the streets in just three months through the program.

... Illegal immigration affects local communities - increasing crime, straining health and education systems and taking jobs from citizens and legal immigrants.

We should continue to support the law enforcement agencies that want to make our communities better and safer.

Rep. Lamar Smith Washington[Immigration act aids communities April 4, 2009 ]

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