REDSTATE's Ebola Discussion Crippled By Ban On Mentioning Immigration
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H/T One Old Vet

Last week I noted in REDSTATE’s New Pro Immigration Line Cripples Erick Erickson’s Georgia Argument that the orders from Commissar Leon H Wolf to duck Immigration are wrecking the ability of RedState’s writers to discuss political issues in an effective way.

An even more dramatic example appeared today: Only Bureaucratic Neglect Could Make Ebola A Problem For The US by: Repair_Man_Jack

This is admittedly a savage and wholly justified attack on the fraudulent and irresponsible attitude of the Authorities

The only way this disease could be a major problem for a significant portion of the US population would be for a lot of people in charge to make some very poor decisions. Thus…there may be a chance of a significant Ebola problem in the United States.

but the issue of how this problem arrived to expose the faults of our rulers is apparently taboo.

The view: Ebola Strikes America: Bad Immigration/Refugee Policies To Blame.

I am happy to see that Rush Limbaugh agrees that immigration is central to the American Ebola situation: Rush Limbaugh: Ebola Downplayed by Dems Because It Threatens Amnesty 2 Oct 2014.

I hope by now that RedState’s many Patriotic readers are aware of the news about the now-purged Daniel Horowitz, formerly the site’s most valuable writer: Daniel Horowitz Rides Again: At CONSERVATIVE REVIEW.

RedState has become just Boob Bait

I particularly commend Daniel Horowitz's October 1st essay Obama Quietly Grants More Illegal Amnesty
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