REDSTATE Commissar Leon Wolf Orders GOP: Downplay Immigration In 2014, Pass Amnesty ASAP
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RedState fulfilling purpose - leading GOP supporters Leftward

Leon H. Wolf seems to function as Commissar at RedState. As I pointed out in REDSTATE Represses Daniel Horowitz: Too Effective Against Amnesty And GOP/AdelZuck Establishment? a vicious Wolf attack on his then colleague heralded the expulsion of that wonderful Patriot writer. Wolf of course also led the hysteria against John Derbyshire in 2012.

Now Wolf has issued orders to the GOP:
  •     Downplay Immigration in this election
  •     Pass Amnesty as soon as possible.
Will the GOP Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory on Immigration? September 15th 2014 intones

For the first time in several years the GOP has opened a polling lead on who voters trust more to handle immigration, a clear reaction to President Obama’s overreach on the issue…Obama has really handed Republicans who are running for office a gift in his mishandling of the border issue. It looked for all the world like he and the Democrats were prepared to blow away the Republicans on this issue, but by overplaying his hand on the open borders side, he has now poisoned it for himself and for the Democrats.

(My emphasis. Of course this is just an Inside The Beltway myth as Peter Brimelow discussed in Ding Dong, The Amnesty/ Immigration Surge Is Postponed Until After Elections!—So Much For Pollaganda.)

After some pollaganda flim-flam Wolf continues

Republicans face the reality that, although they are for the moment in the driver’s seat on this issue, there are two traps they can fall into. The first is the obvious trap of too much immigration permissiveness which will alienate both their own party and also independents and swing voters. But the second is the equally serious trap of swinging the pendulum too far the other way, especially in terms of allowing emotionally charged rhetoric and poor spokesmen to the front to elucidate the conservative position on immigration.

(Such as Horowitz, apparently, or any serious Immigration Patriot.)

Commissar Wolf concludes

It is right and proper for the GOP to insist the we obtain some level of control over our border before the debate on a path to citizenship can move forward. But we should recognize that in the long run, once this happens, we will either need to be open to a path to citizenship or face dire electoral consequences, and our rhetoric should reflect that.

Read that again - my emphasis. Wolf is demanding Amnesty.

Increasingly it looks like the Obamacrat’s lurch into revealing their No Borders policy is going to be the 2014 version of the Chick-fil-A blunder for the Republicans. An amazing opportunity to score a devastating electoral knockout is being thrown away on the orders of a small group of selfish billionaire donors and their minions like Wolf. Even Bill Kristol can see this.

Happily RedState’s comment community rejected Wolf’s orders out of hand. They are worth reading. I particularly liked “gettimothy”: (Derbyshire is exiled there) has a take on Leon H. Wolfe and the wussification of RedState on the immigration issue here: /posts/complain-to-erick-erickson-on-limbaugh-show-about-gelding-of-redstate

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