Recess Power! Key GOP Congresscritters Abandon Amnesty Bandwagon
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Amnesty RIP

H/T One Old Vet

Yesterday the enterprising and apparently fearless Neil Munro produced some seriously bad news for Amnesty enthusiasts: Two top GOP leaders quit immigration group, blame Obama The Daily Caller 9/20/2013

Two leading Republicans have dramatically quit the House’s “Gang of Seven” immigration panel, likely dealing a crippling blow to President Barack Obama’s top-priority effort to push through an immigration rewrite….

“We have reached a tipping point and can no longer continue working on a broad approach to immigration,” said a statement from the two Texas Republicans, John Carter and Sam Johnson, who were working with four Democratic legislators to craft a bill to increase immigration.

The bad news is not simply the returns of these two prodigals to the cover of their NumbersUSA A+ rankings (which, disgustingly, both Carter and Johnson have) from the seductions no doubt lavishly offered by the iniquitous Texas Cheap Labor Lobby.

The bad news for the other side is absurdity of the reasons they offered:

Instead of doing what’s right for America, President Obama time and again has unilaterally disregarded the U.S. Constitution, the letter of the law and bypassed the Congress — the body most representative of the people — in order to advance his political agenda,” they wrote.

“We will not tolerate it. Laws passed by Congress are not merely suggestions, regardless of the current atmosphere. … Laws are to be respected and followed by all — particularly by the Commander-in-Chief,” said the statement.

Of course this is absolutely true – just as it has been true since the start of the Obama administration, was true with the “Deferred Action” ploy in summer 2011 when Federale wrote Obama Regime's Administrative Amnesty: Impeachment Is The Only Answer for us, and was true last year as Brenda Walker pointed out in King Barack Dispenses Work Permits and Ends Deportation for Under-30s (aka Amnesty by Fiat) and when I asked Obama's Immigration Coup: If GOP Afraid To Defend Americans, How About Defending The Constitution?

This did not stop these specimens getting the Texan version of ADD and collaborating with the Treason forces. Why the change now?

The answer lies in Politico’s account: House immigration group loses more Republicans By Seung Min Kim 9/21/13

Though the Texas Republicans broadly blamed the Obama administration in their public statement, the lawmakers had also faced considerable backlash from the public back in the Lone Star state during the August recess, according to a GOP source.

( emphasis) The Recess action John Derbyshire and Mickey Kaus hoped for worked!  The astonishing possibility has arisen that John McCain was telling the truth about the Amnesty situation back in July!!!

Munro concludes with wise words from our old friend

D.A. King, a Georgia-based immigration reformer and founder of the donor-funded Dustin Inman Society.

“I want to believe that majority of Americans have defeated amnesty yet another time, but I just don’t think the coalition of the far-left and the Chamber of Commerce are going to go away,” he told The Daily Caller.

But Republican leaders may yet snatch defeat from victory late this year by agreeing to a promised compromise with immigration advocates, King told TheDC

However if indeed GOP Congresscritters have noticed their voters the Treason Lobby’s task just got a lot harder.

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