Libertarians For Minority Statism
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Over at, Nick Gillespie attacks John Derbyshire's objections to open borders Libertarian Gary Johnston by using us as a stick to beat him and NR:

"Over at National Review, whose history of immigrant-baiting goes back at least to the days when Brit-born editor John O'Sullivan published anti-immigrants pieces by Peter Brimelow, proprietor of the odious (and cash-strapped) site, John Derbyshire pans libertarian Republican Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico who's running for the GOP presidential nod in 2012."[Pro-Immigration Stances Bedevil Conservatives, American- and Foreign-Born, Nick Gillespie | April 28, 2011]

The words "cash-strapped" should have contained a link to our appeal,  just to prove what he was saying, but they didn't. Jerk!

In fact, National Review's "history of immigrant-baiting" is mostly history—a recent item by Lawrence Auster [NRO's other adult on Islam ] suggests that there are only two adults on NRO, one of whom is Mark Krikorian. Of course, Auster's standards are impossibly high, but I doubt if he could find even one at Reason. I certainly can't.

Aside from the usual chatter about "Foreign-born", "Brit-born" conservatives, Gillespie seems totally clueless on the immigration invasion, and also on American politics. Here's the comical part—he threatens GOP politicians who take the immensely popular patriotic position on immigration, especially illegal immigration, with the loss of libertarian votes!

"It's enough to note here that if conservatives push immigration as key issue, they will have trouble culling many libertarians to their sides. "

Have you ever counted libertarian votes? Compared to the 70 percent of the American people who support immigration restriction in some form, I suspect GOP politicians can take the loss of the votes of <1 percent of the people, many of whom don't really believe in voting.

Then Gillespie, [email him] concludes with this

And check out Gustavo Arellano, the "Ask a Mexican" columnist who can legally become president of these United States.[ note: I. E., unlike Brimelow or Derbyshire.] Would that be such a bad thing? I don't think so. Do you?

Yes, it would be terrible. A far-left minority President who is not loyal to the United States? I know, you probably think America already has one of those, but believe me, a Mexican president would be worse. (If you don't believe me, ask an actual Mexican.)

For one thing, Obama's father's country isn't just south of the American border. For another, Obama doesn't consider himself a Kenyan.

What gets me about Gillespie's position is that Mexican immigrants, like American minority groups, are horrible on libertarian issues. Would a Mexican President respect Second Amendment or property rights? Mexico doesn't. Mexican-Americans, very largely left-wing Democrats, don't. Why would immigrants from the socialist states South of the Border?

Email Gillespie and ask him.

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