Reality Check: A Trump Presidency And The Historic American Nation
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“Optimism is cowardice,” said Oswald Spengler. The Trump Administration’s real value was not in what it did or didn’t do, but in removing illusions. We now see the MSM, the Deep State, and Big Tech for what they are.

A Trump victory in 2020 would at least buy time. But the truth is that whoever wins, patriots’ actions need to be the same.

—James Kirkpatrick, Dems Planning To Enslave White America If Trump Loses


This presents Donald Trump with a great opportunity: He can lock in the recovery’s benefits for the American worker—and stem recent immigration’s damage to the GOPif he acts on his instincts and imposes an immigration moratorium.

—Edwin S. Rubenstein, NATIONAL DATA: American Worker Displacement, Immigrant Workforce Both Fall In September—Why Isn’t Trump Talking About It?


Big Tech will hide this from you.

Trump Announces Major Cuts To Refugee Admission While Facebook CENSORS His Campaign Ads On Immigration

refugee cuts


What happens when a president puts America First?

White Pill: Trump Has 'Literally Shut Down Legal Immigration To United States'—Immigration Lawyer



More from
Labor Day 2020: Riots—But, Because Of Trump, The Immigrant Workforce Population IS Falling

trump gif pic version

White Pill: Trump Refiling DACA Shutdown, Sending Foreign Students Home


 Notorious Ninth Circuit Delivers A Rare Win To Trump, Revokes Temporary Protected Status For 300,000 Immigrants


White Pill At The Right Time: Trump Expands Ban On Anti-White Critical Race Theory To Federal Contractors (As Well As Executive Branch Agencies)



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