RCP: Weak White Support Dooms Obama. VDARE.com: But Romney's Here To Help!
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I am a faithful visitor to the Real Clear Politics website and am puzzled how on Friday I overlooked this dramatic story: Obama's White Support Is Too Low to Win By David Paul Kuhn June 22, 2012 (Was it buried?)

President Obama does not currently have enough white support to win re-election even if he retains his minority base from 2008…Obama cannot win with his level of white support unless white swing voters withhold their votes from Romney as well.

That is the key:

Should Romney win the whites Obama lost, Romney will only need to perform as well as John McCain with minorities to win.

VDARE.com emphasis. That is, all Romney needs to do is focus on is the white vote, picking up those who leave Obama (or more likely decide to not abstain this time).

Finally, it is happening. As Steve Sailer said 18 months ago in National Journal's Ronald Brownstein Confirms Sailer Strategy

What's important here isn't the news, which won't be terribly new to VDARE.com readers. We've been saying for a long time that the Republicans' most practical route to victory is not outreach to unappeasable minorities, but inreach to its own, white, base—VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow insists on calling this the "Sailer Strategy"—...

What was new…is the metanews: the concept of "the white vote" is becoming a part of the conventional vocabulary.

Veteran readers will remember that Steve’s merely framing the issue in these terms got VDARE.com banned on Free Republic back in 2001.

On present form, Team Romney is working hard to lose the election by spurning the white vote. They start with a big problem of course: the bellicose foreign policy stance demanded by their paymasters is very likely to lose them the Ron Paul vote – hugely more important numerically to the Republicans than any plausible shift in Hispanic share. And failing to challenge Obama’s Amnesty usurpation will enrage immigration patriots: all this points towards the low white turnout which more than anything else defeated McCain.

The atrocious Ed Gillespie’s ridiculous performance  today - 10 Days And Counting: Romney Adviser Won’t Say If He Would Repeal Obama’s DREAM Directive By Amanda Peterson Beadle, Think Progress, June 24, 2012  is just rubbing salt in the wound.

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