Importing Corruption—Immigrant Border Patrol Officers Go On Trial
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Mexican immigrants continue to remake the United States in an image of their home country.  Even while serving in the very forces assigned to protect the border from illegal immigration and drugs from Mexico.
Yahoo!/AP  June 24, 2012 by Elliot Spagat

Border Patrol Agents Set For Corruption Trial

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Raul Villarreal was long a public face of the Border Patrol, frequently appearing on television news as an agency spokesman and acting as a dangerous human smuggler in a public service announcement intended to warn Mexicans about the dangers of entering the United States illegally.Prosecutors contend now that he knew the smuggler's role well because he really was one.

Raul and his older brother and fellow former agent, Fidel, are accused of smuggling hundreds of migrants in Border Patrol vehicles. Federal prosecutors say the brothers were tipped they were under investigation in June 2006, prompting them to flee to Mexico...

The family came to the United States from the central Mexican state of Jalisco in 1984, when the brothers were teenagers. Raul knew no English as a 14-year-old but quickly became fluent. He volunteered to read to children at libraries and collected food for the homeless, joining the Border Patrol in 1995 after earning a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from San Diego State University.

The story is well known to those who deal with border corruption.  The overwhelming majority of corrupt employees of Department of Homeland Security are Hispanic, many of those immigrants.  Just another cost of immigration.  The only thing unusual about the Villarreal brothers is that they are going to trial.  Most quickly plea guilty and are generally slapped on the wrist.  Unlike Border Patrol Agents who are aggressive and make arrests: they are generally persecuted for daring to stand up to the drug and alien smugglers.
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